Optimization and Service for Electric Arc Furnaces, DS-Electric Arc Furnace Installations and Ladle Furnaces

Due to our service operations for electric arc furnaces, DS–electric arc furnace installations and ladle furnaces, we are able to increase productivity and operating results. Our specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of optimization and modernization create considerable reserves and are helpful in improving the operating results of our clients.

Technical and technological developments in the field of electric arc furnace´s process engineering and in the related service operations have led to a substantial increase in production, especially in metallurgy. The considerable pressure on market prices, however, requires continuous cost reductions in the production process.

Therefore, the optimization of the mode of operation for electric arc furnaces, DS-electric arc furnace installations and ladle furnaces has a high priority. This fact has been taken into account in the cooperation with Dipl.-Ing. Peter Kuhlow in numerous investigations, measurements, and service operations performed on more than 500 electric arc furnace installations.

On the basis of the various influencing factors in furnace operations (e.g. electric arc furnace, DS-electric arc furnace installations and ladle furnaces), the most important factors have to be emphasized.

The determination of the electrothermic furnace characteristics and specific, batch-associated measurements are necessary for the evaluation of furnaces.
The operating reactance is one important factor, it consists of the short-circuit reactance and the dynamic reactance.

Intensive analyses of many measurements performed on small and middle-sized furnaces (electric arc furnaces, DS-electric arc furnace installations and ladle furnaces) led to the conclusion that the dynamic reactance depends not only on the arc resistance but also on the electrode diameter (inertia and electrode regulation). Thus there are effective options for the evaluation of furnace installations, particularly regarding the adjustment system of the electrodes, and also for the more precise dimensioning of electric arc furnaces.

Appropriate means to achieve an optimization are, among others, the calculation of the graphite electrode consumption and the analysis of the electrode charge, the energy expenditure for melting and superheating, the wear degree of the furnace installation (including the wear degree of the hearth) as well as the analysis of the melting capacity.
Hence it is advisable to establish the furnace characteristics for the relevant transformer tap while taking into account the specific conditions.

During the analyses of several ladle furnaces, it was observed that in many cases insufficient attention was being paid to maintenance and optimization.

By conducting such assessments and measurements, considerable reserves could often be detected and used for generating an increase of the operating result.

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