Site management

Since its formation, the company has always been executing its projects while applying the highest standards in quality. The company is taking into account the ISO 9001 standards in its operations. For the first time, the new skills could be implemented in the building project Deutsche Bundesbank Berlin from June 2006 to August 2007.

Thanks to a tightly organized quality management and controlling of the executing companies on site, the standards set by the clients and the constant changes in the project could be implemented. Flexibility, creativity and customer orientation are helpful factors in finding system-oriented solutions in the early run-up phase and in organizing their direct implementation.

Many years of experience, the constant expansion of engineering expertise, the implementation of revised and modified regulations and the ever growing technological progress were basic components for the expansion of the company´s activity scope.

With the support of the companies belonging to the existing association of electrical contractors, the project could be executed on schedule and in a quality-conscious manner.


  • Bundesbank Berlin (Federal Bank of Germany)

  • plant flue gas cleaning HKW Rostock
  • Residential and office building „Upper Eastside“ Berlin
  • Headquarters of the BND in Berlin (German Federal Intelligence Service)
  • Cube Berlin

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