Specialization – ATS Sachse GmbH

Cooperation with the company “Ingenieurbüro für Elektrowärme Peter Kuhlow”


While searching for specialist fields, the company ATS-Sache contacted the Ingenieurbüro für Elektrowärme Peter Kuhlow for organizing a meeting. The meeting took place in September 2006. After obtaining comprehensive insight into the subject matter, a decision had been taken regarding the succession of the engineering office Peter Kuhlow, and hence also about the continuation of the consultancy services, measurements, optimizations and other services performed at furnace installations of 1.5 – 260 tons.

Since the beginning of the cooperative arrangement, the experiences gained in more than 500 assignments worldwide have been passed on in training seminars and in joint operations. Both company leaders first had a business relationship which soon became a friendship.

At the date of the planned takeover in September 2008, the whole collection of technical literature and complete history of furnace installations including measurement parameters of 40 years of professional experience were handed over to the ATS-Sachse GmbH.

In addition, the company began to collaborate with the German Electrotechnology Association (Deutsche Elektrotechnische Kommission DKE) UK 362.1 Industrial Electric Heat, Arc Furnaces Heating and ESU Installations.

The company ATS-Sachse would like to thank Dipl. Ing. Peter Kuhlow, as he had imparted all the theoretical and practical skills necessary for continuing the specialized operations.

Preparation of operating instructions for electric arc ladle furnace systems.

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