Modernization of Electric Arc Furnace Installations

Due to our cooperation with an association of companies and the highly reputable engineering firm “Ingenieurbüro für Elektrowärme P. Kuhlow” we are able to offer and operate a highly efficient, reliable, digital, state-of-the-art electrode regulation.

The cooperation partners for this service are Elimo GmbH – Riesa, hydraulic systems –Liebscher Hydraulik Gröditz, mechanics –MAB Gröditz.




Thus we are able to offer the modernization of electric arc furnaces, particularly for steel foundries, as partial and overall service completely from a single source. Another advantage is the establishment of the furnace characteristics and of the characteristics per transformer tap, which is helpful in theoretical evaluations and provides all the necessary parameters for the planning framework.

Depending on the operating conditions of the furnace, the parameters differ between customers. Hence it is possible to achieve significant results regarding the optimum mode of operation and the potential of an increase in performance for the respective transformer taps while taking into account the energy consumption, wear of the furnace lining, electrode consumption and further important parameters.

Particular attention is being paid not only to the reliability of the system but also to maximum transparency, and furthermore to user and maintenance friendliness.




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